Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Last Supper....

Hello everyone! Today has been a good day. Both of us went to work, got our haircuts {finally!}, and enjoyed family time. Andd it's my brother's, Cameron, 25th birthday! Happy birthday... Since you are in OKC, we still celebrated and ate a glorious dinner without you. Sorry bud, come home more often!

In the afternoon, Layne cooked all day on a dish {it's Layne and Kyles favorite thing to eat and is the most amazing, best meal ever} This is the meal both Layne and Kyle could eat everyday for every meal and be completely content, happy, but fat people. It would be our last supper. Get ready. Recipe to follow later. Bring your notebooks to jot it down to make one day, which will automatically make your day a million times better.

To make it even better {how you might ask?} we had Layne's parents, brother, sister-in-law and the cutest little boy ever, Layne and Kyle's nephew Sonny, over to enjoy this scrumptious meal. After eating we all sat and watched Sonny walk {yippy!!!} and he was just so proud of himself. Char Mar, did such a good job. Just sat and watched. She did have a hard time containing herself when everyone was talking in the little kid/puppy voice {"Good job Sonny!" and "You're such a good girl Char"} They are all in the same higher pitched voice, so who wouldn't get confused. Not to mention Sonny kept playing with her tennis ball. What a great dog. So nice of her to share.

To end a great night, we all were dumb, crazy and daring enough to try some of the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans. These, for those of you who are not Harry Potter fans {shame on you}, have regular flavors {lemon, cherry, blueberry, etc.} and the not-so-normal flavors {grass, dirt, soap, sausage, and last and very least, vomit}. Told ya. We were dumb. Soap wasn't too bad, but oh. my. goodness. The vomit jelly bean was worse than actual vomit. Thennnnn Layne's brother, Callan, tried the one and only {thank goodness!} sausage jelly bean and he said it was worse than the vomit. {How?! We don't know and we don't think we are going to ever want to know}

Here is the most amazing recipe. Go get pen and paper and write this down, make another copy and keep one copy in your safe and another in your wallet at all times. It's that amazing.

The Nalley's Chicken Spaghetti

Boil chicken.

One cup chopped onion.

Saute onion.
Recipe calls for green pepper, which we didn't have so we skipped it. If you have it, chop it up and saute with onions.

Take boiled chicken out to cool off and add spaghetti noodles to the same water chicken was used to boil in.

Chop up a thing of Velveeta.

When chicken has cooled off, tear into bite size pieces.

Drain spaghetti and keep the broth on the side {might need it for later}

Add spaghetti and chicken to pot.

Add velveeta and sauteed onions.

Add 1 can rotel.

Add 1 can cream of mushroom.
{can substitute this with cream of celery or cream of chicken}

2 T of Chili powder.
{More or less to your preferred spicy level}

Mix well! {might need to add some of the reserved broth}

Put in pans and cook at 325 for 30 minutes.

We paired this with our amazing cornbread/cake recipe {we'll add this later} and some chocolate chip cookies!

After all this cooking, our kitchen still smells amazing. Thanks to our awesome, most favorite candle. Volcano. Thank you Anthro. Again.

Hope you all had a great, wonderful day like us. Now go make this amazing food!

Nalley's Chicken Spaghetti Recipe: {without pictures}

Butter/oil - to saute onions and peppers
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
1 cup celery {optional}
2 T Chili Powder
1 can black olives {optional}
1 can green olives {optional}
1 LB Velveeta
1 can Rotel
1 can cream of mushroom
1 LB spaghetti

Boil and de-bone chicken. Boil noodles in same water. Reserve broth. Saute celery, onions and peppers. Combine chicken, noodles, sauteed veggies, chili powder, olives, cheese and rotel. Mix well. Bake at 325 for 30 mins.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I have a scoop of the crispy?

What's up y'all? Another lovely Wednesday evening at the Culhane household. Why's it so lovely, you ask?

Because of the dessert we just ate.

Every week, Layne has been making a homemade dessert from the best cookbook ever {which we purchased from Anthro, of all places}. Here's a pic of the cookbook. If you see it somewhere, buy it. We promise you it'll make your world better.


Every week, we pick a recipe for Layne to make and Kyle to eat {Layne only has 1/32 of the end product}. She's made a blueberry-apple crisp and a blueberry-lemon cobbler {which by the way, would be Kyle's last meal on Earth, if he could choose. Amazing}. This week, Kyle convinced Layne to make something with apples {Layne hates apples. "Not necessarily the taste. Peeling, slicing, the skin is disgusting; gets caught in your teeth. It's just annoying." And to add to her disgust, Layne cut herself while slicing the apples. Twice. So now she hates apples even more and Kyle is relishing this apple dessert, bc he may not see another one}

Whew. So back to this week's recipe. Here are some pics of the progress.

First up, Layne's made-from-scratch dough. This crust is the best ever. Layne was eating the crust plain with ice cream earlier. No joke.

Next up, Layne sauteing the apples with butter, sugar and a vanilla bean {good gracious, is there anything more tasty than that last sentence}. Please note the dune Le Crueset. Layne is obsessed with this cookware.

Ta-da! The finished product. A) It's beautiful. I mean, literally a work of art. B) It tastes better than it looks {even possible?!?!}

How delicious is the apple tart? Well, Kyle's already eaten 3/4 of the tart, for what it's worth.

But what's even better...? Layne had extra dough and so she whipped up a quick banana tart {in a mini-tart Le Creuset...told ya she's obsessed} We actually haven't even dug into this yet. But fo' sho' we will soon.

Now, we are ending our day with Survivor and Top Chef Finale. We had dinner with Layne's parents, Callan and Sonny at Savastano's. It filled our belly's up so we can watch Top Chef and not get too hungry.

Catch ya on the flip.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brookside by Night

So, to begin, Fridays at Apache {where Kyle works} are awesome because the day is officially over at 11:30. The weather was idyllic yesterday so instead of running errands and being productive, we decided to go to Layne's parents' house and catch some rays by the pool. We brought CharMar with us and she had a great time until we tried to re-introduce her to the pool {when she was a pup she fell into this pool and we're pretty sure she's still scarred by that experience}. We put on the outdoor speakz with some sweet tunes, had a Hoegaarden {Kyle} and a Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat {Layne} and basted our bodies in Australian Gold tanning juice. That smell takes us back to warmer, beachier times.

So you can stop trying to visualize our sunny Friday:

Also, here's CharMar, who thinks she's a showdog, after taking a dip in the poolio {which was freezing by the way as Kyle can tell you. He was dared by Layne to jump in...and dumb enough to actually do it}.

To end our amazing Friday we met some friends at Bru House on Brookside. $2 Shock Tops made for a cheap, but successful evening. The only buzzkill was that while we were out on the patio enjoying the nice weather, some amateur on a motorcycle filled our lungs with carbon monoxide and our ears with a loud rumble. He was parked on the sidewalk, roughly 10 feet away, and apparently didn't know how to keep an engine running because he killed the bike about twenty times within the space of 5 minutes {not an exaggeration}.

And without further ado, here are our friends we met up with last night:

Hope your Friday was as fun as ours. Catch ya' on the flip side.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Night, TV night

Hey all,

Normally after running in the evenings, we cook dinner and just basically hang out. Wednesdays are usually reserved for date night {once a week we go out to eat; we save change and develop top chef chops [pun intended] by cooking ourselves 6 outta 7 days a week} and tonight we decided to indulge.

One large, half sausage, half cheese {all-tasty}, cajun crust, PLUS howie bread. Save your judgement. We love this pizza.

Too add even more insane awesome-ness to this already triumphant Wednesday, we had a DVR line-up that would most likely rival Siskel & Ebert's greatest hits. America's Next Top Model, Modern Family, Survivor and Top Chef. Pretty dope.

On Survivor, Layne gives the edge to Rob to win it all. Everyone else is pretty lame except for the ultimate man-sweater man {Ralph?} and that's who Kyle thinks will win; he is the reason Russell got kicked off. But we do think Matt is certainly staking a claim for absolute best "survivor" this season.

Kyle's money is on Richard to win Top Chef. Layne thinks Antonia will triumph. We both would have rather seen Fabio and Angelo in the finale {or even Dale!} so we're just a tad bitter.

We'll be back soon with another post but the DVR calls for now...

Catch ya' on the flip side, diggity.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is our first entry so there are a few important deets that we're going to cover before we really get into this bloggy-thing.

We are Layne and Kyle and we are newlyweds who love to laugh {most often at ourselves}. If you are reading this, you probably know us. If you aren't reading this, well then we're confused. We have a cat named George and a dog named Charlie. Both female, both charming. We're sure that as this develops there will be copious pics of Charlie with a smattering of George for good measure. Be on the lookout.

Kso, right about now you're probably asking yourself "why should I read this?" or "what's so interesting about their life?" Well buddy, we're not saying that our life is more interesting than your average person, we just want to document our life, however awesome or laboriously mundane it may be. Some days, our posts will be awesome and inspiring. Other days you may want those fifteen minutes of your life back. Sorry, no refunds.

Here is the first family pic that we promised you {from this past Christmas, don't mind if ya do}

We promise to update. We don't promise to update every day.

We promise to be ourselves. We don't promise to be interesting.

We promise to prominently feature our pets. We don't promise to not...