Sunday, April 24, 2011

First you take the graham..

Yo yo yo! It's been a long time since I left you, without a dope beat to step to...step to.

Remember post number one where we promised not to post every day? Well, consider that promise kept. A lot has happened since we last posted, but let's go ahead and just concentrate on the last four days.

So, Thursday we got our groove on with Rob, Brad and Matt at Yokozuna in downtown Tulsa. Great sushi. This time we tried a couple new rolls, but we had to get our absolute favorite roll. Best. Roll. Ever. How about a little rundown of the rolls that we chowed on:

Hot Mess: Tempura crab, chipotle cream cheese and jalapeƱo, among other things. It's quite a mouthful but it's a great bite.

Golden Driller Roll: Tempura shrimp, jalapeno and cream cheese with a spicy mayo. Solid. Nothing to crave, but we would get it again.

Rising Sun Roll: Coconut shrimp, crab, cream cheese, mango and avocado with the most amazing pineapple rum sauce. This sauce is so good we would bathe in it. No really, this sauce makes any roll a million times better and would probably make any taco, steak, sandwich, cocktail, anything, better.

After the great dinner we went to TU and hung out with some other great friends {shoutouts to Rusty and Mark}, where we watched the opening scene to Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2! Great night, great drinks, great friends {that we hadn't seen in far tooooo long}.

Friday morning was earlier than usual, or so it seemed. Both got up and went to work {thankfully Fridays are half days} and had a semi-great lunch with CharMar at Camille's on Riverside. We took the pup-mcgruff on a walk on the riverside trail afterward and she chased squirrels, made butterfly friends and just generally had a ball. She also took a massive dookie near the trail. Sorry for the poopin'.

The rest of Friday was boring. Kyle was feeling sick with heartburn & sinus infection so we stayed in and went to bed early, planning to get up early and go do our long run {12 miles}. But, the next morning didn't turn out how we would've liked...

We started running and that naughty heartburn kicked backed-in, in full force. So we decided to take him to the MedCenter {he's VIP b/c he seems to go once every two months}. We thought it would be a short in-and-out, get some meds and be gone, but again, things didn't happen like we planned. We got to the er around 9:30am and didn't get out of there until 1pm {mainly because it was his "chest," they had to rule out heart problems with bloodwork, ekg, chest x-rays, etc.} Ends up that it was heartburn {surprise!} and he has bronchitis so we got a wonderful z-pack and he's on his way back to spiffy.

After that, Kyle wanted iHop. We rarely go, but sometimes you just crave those darn pancakes. Yum. After that, we did the mall, errands, blah, blah, blah....

Saturday night is where things get good...

We made a fort!!!! Earlier last week we decided to do a campout in our living room {you might think it's gay, but it's fun. Try it.} We made hobos {a la New Life Ranch} on the grill, which is basically a foil pouch with meat, potatoes, onions, carrots and ketchup. Again, Yum. This was Layne's first hobo and she kinda enjoyed it {weird sentence?!?!}. Then we made our bomb-ass fort and tried to watch two movies {we've been renting from Blockbuster Express lately and they've almost all been scratched. No more movies from them}. The last thing we did was to make smore's, which we figured is a must for any self-respecting campout.

Then came Easter Sunday. We got up early, each hid the other's basket and even had a good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. We gave Charizard her new Easter toy, which she loves of course. We hit up Asbury, with a great message from Tom, and saw some family. Then we met up with Kyle's family for lunch and Easter pics at MeMaw's house. Then we hit up Layne's parents house to watch little SunDog find his Easter basket. So cute, he got a brand-spankin' new set of plastic golf clubs.

Now, after watching the obligatory America's Next Greatest Restaurant, we're headed to bedski. There's a thunderstorm and everyone knows that:

Bed + Thunderstorm = Amazing sleep

Now, here are a few photogs for you to browse and enjoy.

Us. Thursday.

Josh's Sno Shack. Amazing.

These are Hobos. They are easy and yummy. Great for a campout.

"How can I have s'more of nothing?"

The aforementioned bomb-ass tent. Note the freshly popped kettle corn.

Charmander is down for the count. In our tent.

Charlie on Easter morning with her new toy. You can feel the love in her face.

On Easter Sunday, Kyle and Sonny were matching! So cute.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gettin' Hitched in the D

This past weekend we went down to Dallas for Layne's brother's wedding. It was a whole lotta fun {as you will see in the photos}. We decided to speak through photos this week, so hopefully you get an idea of how the weekend went. Believe us when we say there are tonz more photos, but we chose the more calm photos for our blog. Thanks for lookin, good lookin.

Some of the girls at the bridal luncheon.

Connor, Callan and Kyle at Top Golf.

Bride & Groom at the Rehearsal dinner.

Bride with her parents.

Bride with her sisters.

Layne with the bride.

Layne, Brett and Mar.

The men of the bridal party.

Cam and Nic's highlight of their weekend was this picture with us...... followed closely by getting married.

Layne and the groom.

Bride with her bridesmaids {minus Chels}

After the rehearsal dinner, there was a dance off......

.... Day of the wedding...

Groomsmen at the ceremony.


They're married!!!
{Cam you can now relax}

Couple's first dance.

...... At the after party at the Hotel Bar......

Kyle, Cal, Connor and Brett.

Nicole with her sisters.

Layne with the bride.

Layne and her brothers.

Layne's three brothers.

Layne and her cousin Connor.

Cheers to the couple!

.... Now the best part of any wedding....

We'll let these speak for themselves.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Edmond Schmedmond

Just to remind you that not all of our posts are about food {but most obviously are}

This past weekend we celebrated Cameron's {Layne's bro} birthday in OKC. Almost the whole family came up and we had a great time. Cameron and his fiance are getting hitched this coming up weekend! WOOtotheHOO! While we were in OKC we got to see their brand-stankin-new house. And oh em gee, it was awesome. Awesome kitchen (Layne's favorite part) and two spare bedrooms {which will be taken up alot coming up, bc we have decided to visit them. Often.}

We played bocce ball and ladder ball. We even got athletic enough to play ultimate frisbee. Here are a couple photos from the birthday bash. Mind you, they are almost all of our nephews and I don't think there is one with the birthday boy in it.. whoops sorry.

Like father, like son.

Cute nephew, Will.

Part of the birthday crowd
{hey the birthday boy made it! Far left}

Takin' a stroll to the park.

Ultimate frisbee.

Short post, sorry. But this face is looking up at me sayin "momma shut the computer, it's bedtime". So gotz to go.

{beeteedoubleyou. George the Rabbit Hunter struck again tonight. More details to follow.}