Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello, Good-bye.

This past weekend was a long, full, fun-filled weekend. To start off, Kyle's parents came in from Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia. For those of you who do not know, that's where they live... coming to the states every so often. They were supposed to get here Friday afternoon, but the weather in Dallas shut them down, and they had to re-route through Chicago and got in at 11pm. Usually when they get here, we would all stay up, drink a brewski and catch up buuuttt Layne had a half marathon race in the morning. So we picked them up, and pretty much went straight to bed once we got home.

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:30 am. Race started at 7:15 {Yes, you might think 5 am-ish is a little early for a race at 7:15, which yes it is, but we had to leave the house at about 6:30. You gotta stretch, drink some water, eat something small.. it's a long process}. Kyle's parents and grandma and Layne's parents and aunt and cousin were nice enough to wake up and come watch her. We also took the Charizard, which helped Layne out, seeing her pup while running. So, Layne ran her race and finished. Yahoo!

{Aside: Layne herself wrote that previous paragraph about the marathon, i.e. the humility in the details of the race. She ran a 1:40:12, was the tenth female overall and second in her age group. She beat her previous best by 5 mins 49 secs, which is nuts! She also ran it on three hours of sleep bc she couldn't fall asleep. Unity!}

After the race, Layne and Char took a looong nap. Char is not used to waking up at 5ish and not getting a nap in before 10. At around 2pm we went to Landon & Catherine's shower at Salvastono's Pizza where we also saw Taylor and Joey, amongst others. It was a great time celebrating Landon and Catherine, catching up with friends, eating good pizza and drinking good beer.. But it didn't end there. The shower ended around 4:30, but we knew there was a Thunder game that night at 8 {sad loss for us} so we all decided to stay at the bar and chill until 8 to watch the game. Joe Lorenz decided to come hang out for once. So we drank some beer and watched the game. We lost, but we'll get em next time {tonight}.

Sunday morning, since no one vanished, was the beginning of a long day. Long, but exciting. We picked up Brendon & Amy at the airport and went straight off to Target. We were having a graduation party for Kyle's cousin David and we had to get some grill food and the must-have chips and Deans french onion dip. We stocked up two carts. We came home and immediately started setting up. Well 2:30 rolls around and the fam started to come on over. We hung out and chowed down all day, took some pics and watched David's play, The Little Shop of Horrors. {he was the lead}. When the family started to leave, Brendon and Amy joined us for a trip to get sno cones. It was a must with B&A because L&K were talking about it all day telling them how good it was. Oh my, the magnificent flavors we got. L-silver fox, K-Love on the rocks {their two original, go-to, must-haves}, B-silver fox and A-piña colada. We all liked them{an understatment}, but the piña colada one was a little toooo piña colada-y, according to A. They were gone within seconds. Best part of the day:: We put in HPATDHP1. Great end to the day.

Monday was a good-bye type of day. Jerry left late morning to go back to Saudi and B&A left at night for Chicago... or they tried. They actually are delayed at the airport right now because of the crazy Oklahoma weather so we're still waiting to see what's going to happen! While we wait we are going back-in-forth from the bachelorette and the Thunder game.

And for funsies, Layne found this magnificent photo of Kyle. Shoulda stayed with modeling.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Whassup y'all. We're just chillin' here watching Wheel-of-Fortune {best gameshow ever}.

We had a relaxing, yet full weekend. Friday night we had the cuzins over to grill brats and hot dogs and play some games together {King's Cup, Moose, golf the card game, among others}. It was a really fun time and one that is seemingly becoming a tradition. To help you understand how fun it was...

Iced. Bummer, dude.

On to Saturday. We've only got one pic from Saturday and it's from the end of the day, but let's start from the beginning. Since Kyle's parents are coming in this coming weekend, we started Saturday off by cleaning the upstairs, after a brisk 8-mile run {L} and bike ride {K}. After fully exhausting ourselves by cleaning, we headed down to the Fritos' house {Eric and Sara DeFreitas} for some eats and some frisbee-bottle-knockdown...

Not sure if that's the name of the game but it was a great game. Essentially, the point is to hit an upright stick with a frisbee in order to make a perched, empty beer bottle hit the ground. If the bottle falls, one point. If the frisbee hits the ground, one point. First to 21 wins. Great game.

This was really our first venture to the Fritos' house and Layne is super-jealous. She can't wait to have a home to decorate, especially one as charming as the Fritos'. Shout out to the charming, lovely, cutesy Fritzy home.

After said foray into the Frito home, we headed to Veteran's Park in downtown Tulsa for the Full Moon 5K. It was pretty spur of the moment in deciding to do the run, but a fun-sounding after party {featuring a world-famous Journey tribute band and free Michelob Ultra for race participants} swayed our decision. Plus, Cole and Racheal were going to run the race as well and we wanted to stay and hang out with them afterwards for a bit.

It was a fun race {and fast, a relatively flat Riverside-based course}. And...this just in: awards for races are given based on gun time, instead of chip time. This perplexes us, on numerous fronts. Layne got third place in the 5K for her age group but will not receive an award because one girl was near the front of the pack, crossed the start line wayyyyyy before Layne but had a chip time 3-seconds slower than Layne. So, even though technically Layne is faster than this girl, Layne did not get third place because we started later. Did you follow that? It doesn't seem fair/right/logical. Come on, USATF and use some brainpower and rethink this system. We think whomever runs the fastest is the fastest. But whatever.

Kyle did good too. He's a clydesdale. We went home to Chardizzle right after the race and made a breakfast scramble 'cause we were starving {the race was at 8pm and we didn't get home 'til 11}. On the way home we found out that TU Men's tennis beat Texas to go to the sweet sixteen. Whoop whoop, Rusty. Reign Cane, y'all.

Sunday was a funday but Sunday was also another cleaning-based day. We first went to Church, next Academy {to procure new running shoes for the new-female-Pre, minus the boozing and driving, and some girly clubs, again for Layne}. After lunch with Joe, Mar, Cal, Kel and Sonny-Money we headed to the driving range for a bit to test the new clubbos.

They look great, don't they?! They also make her the best player in the world:

That pictured drive actually travelled to the next town, she hit it so hard.

Like Kyle's tank? He wears them to the office, too.

After all this fun, we still had energy to a) clean the garage; and b) go get sno-cones from Josh's Sno Shack! Kelly has a brilliant plan to try every flavor at the Shack, going down the list one-by-one. Her most recent visit was a taste-test of Boomer Sooner. Her judgement: Boo on the name, boo on the flavor. The combined flavors were cherry and vanilla but she gave it two thumbs down. {Us Culhanes love vanilla so we might like the flavor, but we'd call it "chernilla" instead of the OU name.}

So, with that inspiration, we decided to do something similar. Our rules: we can skip flavors that we know we won't like {i.e. bubblegum} and we're not necessarily going in order. For our first taste-testing, Layne tried Blue Island {blue raspberry, strawberry and coconut} and Kyle had the Captain Jack {raspberry, pink grapefruit and guava}. All we could mumble between the scoops of yumminess was yum. Two thumbs up.

Then, as if we hadn't had enough sweets, Kyle picked out a great recipe for Layne's weekly baking recipe. Devil's Cake with Angel's Frosting. Holy-Cannoli-Guacamole. It is uh-mazing. Layne usually doesn't eat a lot of the desserts she makes, but this she can't help basically eat Kyle's serving {so he gets another piece, natch}. The frosting is just sugar, egg whites, corn syrup, water and vanilla yet by far one of the best frostings ever.

To finish, we feel as if we need to give more blog-love to our pets. Behold, the cute-ness.

Charizard with her best-friend Charlie {coincidence, but yes
the stuffed animal has been Charlie for years now}.

This is Zoe, everyone. We call her Zo-Poe. New best friends {watch out stuffed-Charlie}.

Until next time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Date Veekend & Muddah's Day

So there will be bursts of posts over the coming days. We've been out-and-about and there's plenty of blog-worthy material in line.

On Friday we dropped Charmeleon off at her Mami's house around 1pm and began our date weekend at Fat Guy's Burger Bar in downtown T-town. These are our hamburguesas favoritas in all the land and it had been some time since we indulged {Layne's burger: kid's cheeseburger with grilled onions and jalapeños---Kyle's choice: bacon-cheeseburger with grilled onions, grilled pineapple and bbq sauce}. So we made the trek and also grabbed a couple of brewskis to wash down the handcrafted fattiness and accompany the order of spicy fries {with a side of strawberry ketchup for dipping, natch}. Seriously, if you have never tried this place, you gotsta go.

After grabbing the goods, we headed down to cherry street to walk off some of the consumed calories and take in the lovely, fresh Friday air. We also stopped in to CHoCS and got a quick pick-me-up in the form of coffee {K} and vanilla-italian-creme-soda {L}. Quick aside: Layne loves loves loves vanilla-italian-creme-sodas. This particular version was O.K. but we've gulped great VICS at CHoCS. Sooo many acronyms.

After strolling on 15th, we headed to the Ambassador Hotel, our home for the evening. Our plan was to head to the Driller's game and see the Friday Night Fireworks, grab a drink afterward, then head back to our room and have a relaxing night in the hotel downtown. We took a quick snooze before showerin', changin' and headin' to the ballpark.

The game was fun and the weather was a little chilly after the sun went down. Soooo, we decided to head to Brady Tavern a lil' early and try to catch the fireworks from our room at the hotel. We walked the quick five-or-so blocks to the Tavern from the park, took a squat at the bar and ordered a couple original cocktails from the barkeep.

On the left is The Last Word {gin based with some Chartreuse, lime and some other ingredient} and on the right is an Old Fashioned {with bacon-infused bourbon...yes, bacon}. Both drinks were so tasty and the environment kicked bootay {Elliot Nelson knows how to design a bar}. We'll be back.

Saturday morning we went down to the Cherry Street farmers market, but not before we took a quick stop at Panera to get a bagel and coffee.

We coincidently ran into some family {and friends!} at the shaved ice stand. One thing led to another and we decided to spend the day over at Joe and Mar's too catch some rays and play some bocce and ladderball.

After hanging out, we had to run home, take a quick shower and head to a grad party for Rusty and Brad hosted by Brad's aunt and uncle. They had to most unbelievable house on the face of this planet. It was awesome. There was some great food and drinks {to name one was the meatloaf sliders from Lucky's... YUM}. From there we went to TU's gradfest at the Hyatt downtown. It was really fun last year because it turned into a dance party. This year was no different, as you will see in the photos.

This is one of those pictures where we need to have a contest to see who comes up with the funniest caption for what Rob's saying here.

The classic TU's widebase dance move. It was rumored that Rusty had a lower widebase than Kyle. We'll just have to see during memorial weekend who can do it better.

Sunday after talkin' to momma Culhane we went over to momma Dullea's house. The entire Tulsa family came and played some more bocce and ladderball for the mother's day festivities.

Happy mother's day to all the wonderful moms! Here is a little tribute to the two greatest moms {and greatest grandmas} ever!

Layne with Mimi and Memaw

Layne and her awesome momma

Kyle and his great mom

The four of us

Cheers to the two best moms out there! Love you both.