Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans.

This past weekend Layne was outta town in St. Louie for Jessica's bachelorette party. So, Kyle obviously had a huge kegger.

K yeah not really.

Pretty much Kyle just hung out with Rob, Brad and Matt Hulse. They went down to Blue Rose Cafe on Friday and Saturday they went to Cedar Ridge to relax at the pool and hit some golf balls. Beyond that, Kyle watched a bunch of movies and played with Charmanski. Low-key weekend, for sure. Now, on to Layne's weekend.

Kyle was sweet and brought Layne home a "travel bag" before she left. Included: two magazines, swedish fish and a king size kit-kat. Can't get any better than that. Oh wait, it can. A sweet little card from him for her to read on the plane. So on Thursday Layne jetted out on a plane. Once she got to St. Louis the fun had begun. Layne went to Jessica and Alicia's amazing loft place and started crafting with them and some of Jessica's Belleville friends. Dove cutting and cork ball making was on the nights list of activities.

Friday morning came early, but was relaxing for Layne. While Alicia and Jess went to work, Layne drank coffee, watched the Today show and Regis & Kelly and cut more doves. It sounds boring, but let me tell ya, it was not. For lunch she met A & J at Rooster's for a yummy veggie sandie. A was out of work for the rest of the day {yahoo!} and they spent the day grocery shopping, baking fun cupcakes and just getting ready for the weekend and of course sushi for dinner. That night Amanda, Emily and Hugh's sister, Sarah, came into town. We all went out to the coolest place, McGurty's {?} where we saw Paul Lishwe and had a couple drinks.

Saturday was the funnest day of all. All six of us woke up, drank coffee and got ready for Jessica's shower at her house. There we met up with: Jill, Jess' sister Steph, and a lot of fun Bellville girls. It was such a fun shower hearing all the fun memories of Jess in high school and college. After that we went back to the loft, decorated and got ready for the night. The night consisted of: dinner at Rosalita's {yum to the marg's}, back at the loft for games and the amazing summer brew {aka cowboy punch, whatever you wanna call it, but whatever you call it, just know it's amazing and you'll want it often}, and bars. Or more like one bar. The piano bar was too much fun thats the only place we went. 95% of the time was spent on the dance stage. Jess rocked it. We all rocked it. But our group was by a long shot the most fun bachelorette group there {there were about 7 other groups..?}. Once our feet couldn't handle the dancing anymore we ran home. Yes, we ran home because it was pouring. A fun way to end the night.

Girls at the shower.

Old roomies.

Me & the Bride.

Jill & I.

We saw Bauman! {And Guilfoy, not pictured.}

Jess and Bauman rockin' it up on the dance floor.

Next morning was all too quick. Woke up, had breakfast, hung out for a little and then off to the airport to come home. It was a fun weekend seeing all my friends but ti happened to go by way to fast. Therefore, I am trying to figure out another weekend to repeat this. Soon. Btw, Jess and Hugh's wedding is in t-minus 39 days. Cannot wait for the shenanigans to happen that weekend.

To makes things even a little more better than that awesome weekend {can they get any better?!} Layne came home to a clean house. Yes, I said clean. Kyle did the dishes, laundry, made the bed, cleaned the cat box {yeah, I know, he's amazing}, wiped the counter off {it gets messy out of nowhere}, and played with CharMar all before I came home. Yes, my husband is rocking the husband pants. Great job honey.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waltz on the Wild Side of Weddings

Hello readers. We had a pretty cool weekend. And by pretty cool, we mean way-freakin-awesome. But before we get into that, you need a bit of backstory.

We had been planning on meeting up with Rob and Brad on Friday, because we miss hanging out with them. But on Thursday, Rob texted Kyle asking for guidance on bow-tying. Natch, Kyle agreed but asked if he was gonna wear it out on Friday. Rob responded that he was actually going to an event Friday, thus he wasn't really gonna hang out with us. Bummer for us. He gave us the slip...or did he!? Unfortunately for him, Kyle had the opportunity to get two tickets to the same event {the Tulsa Zoo's Waltz on the Wide Side} so we were back on!

So, yeah end of story. Rob tried to ditch us but we countered with anti-ditch maneuvers. So we agreed to meet at Rob and Matt Hulse's new rental house before heading down to the zoo for the event. Layne and I had never even heard of this event prior to this ordeal so we didn't know what to expect {well, except for 100F degree weather, of course}. But when we got there, we were loving it. First, free food. Everywhere. And from great restaurants. Charleston's, Mahogany, Dilly Deli, Red Rock Canyon Grill, Smoke, In The Raw, you get the idea. A stand out dish for Kyle was the bacon jam bruschetta from Smoke. Next, there were free drinks. Shock Top was the beer of choice for the evening, it seemed, but G&T's reared their ugly head as well. But beyond the food and drink, it was a really fun environment. We rode the train {multiple times} around the zoo and even got to feed the giraffe, Samburu aka Sam. We got down with our bad selves, set to the music of a 18-man band. We also saw Payvand and Meredith there! Score.

Speaking of cameos. Hugh, Jessica and Emily Quick showed up toward the end of the evening and we proceeded to rock the dance floor. And even though the dancing was great, the photobooth was even more fun... {careful: bowties abound in the following photos}

That darn tiger kept jumpin' in on all our photos.

The next night we went to Landon & Catherine's wedding. It was a really fun night. It was also a small high school reunion, which was cool. It was good to catch up with all the people we hadn't seen in such a long time. Joe and Emmy, the newly engaged couple, were there and the life of the party. We saw Taylor and Morgan and hung out with them extensively. And we even got to talk to the bride and groom despite everyone trying to get their attention. We will list all other classmates here, in no particular order, and no less significant than the previously mentioned peeps: Don, Matt, Joey, Will, Will's lady friend, Lauren, Paige, Connor, Cody, Cody's lady friend, Kenny, Hannah, Hannah's man friend {Steve, we remember}. Whew. And we also saw the soon-to-be-married Clutter, James, Nich, Alicia, and of course the soon-to-be Thompsons. So many friends!

I think those photos speak for themselves. Sorry though, Joey, we did not include your single photoshoot.

We had breakfast with Taylor and Morgs on Sunday morning {Taylor still wearing his patent leather tux shoes, natch} and it was great to catch up with them. And also plan our next vacation with them. BVI's, anyone?

Layne's out this weekend for Jessica's bachelorette party so Kyle is all alone to do the chores. Let's hope all the pets live throughout the weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey yo, new stuff

What's up y'all. This has been an extra-long break because we found Pinterest. It's like a conglomophotoblog where you pin photos to themed boards. It's awesome and you should check it out. And if you do, get at us {layneculhane & kyleculhane}. Layne's is considerably better at this point.

This weekend we pretty much just chilled. We did do some productive things and even got in some reading, but for the most part it was a relaxing weekend.

On Saturday night we watched Joe and Mar's pups, Lucy and Boone. Lucy had just gotten over a nasty knee injury and was having a ball with Boone and CharMar. Charizard has recently gotten used to the pool and will take every opportunity to cool off in the water.

Char and Booneski but Lucy ran off before we could snap a photo.

Notably, on Sunday we watched Sonny while Kelly and Callan ran cameras at church. This little guy is still gettin' over some sickness so he was a little wobbly on his feet and he amplified the already mildly-chaotic situation involving three energetic dogs. We watched some Shrek, played on a slide, shot some mini-hoops and had fun going up and down the stairs. It was a great time; we always love spending time with him. A few photos to show ya:

The boys watching Shrek

Sonny fallin' asleep on Aunt Layne

Also, we had some extra fresh watermelon so we decided to juice it, grab some fresh mint from the backyard, throw in some light rum and some simple syrup and have a nice summer drink. Lettus tell ya, Kyle's not a fan of sweet drinks, but he enjoyed this one. Caveat: it is vibrantly pink.

This week, we will leave you with a pic of Zo-Poh in her new favorite position. Catch you later, skeezballs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend in Paradise

Well, yes I know we are about to talk about Memorial weekend, but we needed this week to prep for it. It was..... there are no words. Well, there are words and they will follow. But figuratively, there are no words. And we doubt there will be many pictures that are blog worthy either.

We are starting to do a yearly (hopefully the Turps will never get sick of us) Memorial weekend trip to a great place called New Braunfels. We stay at the sick-nasty (in a good type of way) TbarM. It is Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory relocated to Texas Hill Country. There are atvs, multiple pools, nearby rivers, great food, a blob, paintball guns, grass tennis courts, hook-and-ring, plenty of Lone Star, and multiple sporting opportunities at this Texas oasis.

{Everyone had these shirts, not just us two. It was bomb.}

Friday, we hitched a ride with Rob and Matt and began the frustrating journey down South. Traffic and construction turned an 8-hour drive into almost 9.5. Bummer dudes. The funny thing is that it happened last year as well {only it took us 10 last year} so needless to say it didn't make for much of a exciting ride. As soon as we got to TBarM {decked out in our neon tank tops, natch}, we were greeted by a Tippman 98 with a fully loaded hopper. Awesome. So our first Memorial Day action was getting shot by a paintball gun. Just getting reinitiated, that's all!

Saturday we awoke to these beauties....

After we all got up on Saturday we headed over to Casa de Turpin for some breakfast casserole. So clutch. We watched a little tennis, drank some water {hydration is crucial in the hot, New Braunfels' sun} and got our gear together for the floating that was due to take place. We were hooked up by Rusty's friend Jantzen with 13 tubes por gratis. It was awesome of him and really made the floating even better. We got onto the Comal and had a nice 4-hour float and got a nice bronze on. Well, some of us did. Some people got sunburnt too, but Rob probably got the worst. His shins and tops-of-the-feet looked like freshly boiled Maine crustacean. He actually had trouble walking, it was so bad.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and had a birthday party for Mrs. Turpin catered by Zac and Sarah Carroll {well, they graciously purchased the amazing fajitas at least}. The queso they got was just amazing. We probably consumed a gallon of queso, more maybe. More nighttime festivities began after the birthday party but it was somewhat subdued with the prospect of another full day in the sun on Sunday. Saturday finished with a chat session around the condo pool, and what a chat session it was.

On Sunday we woke up to more de-lish breakfast casserole. Afterward, we hung out a bit on the pristine grass tennis court before heading to the former-river-house-turned-club-foundation {a flood washed the home away last summer and now it's just a concrete slab with access to the Guadalupe river} owned by the Carrolls. It was a beautiful setup--shooting tennis balls out of a slingshot at passersby, chilling in folding chairs in the river, hitting tennis balls with golf clubs into the river, amongst the favored activities. Exhaustingly fun.

We cleaned up before our final evening at the ranch. Leftover fajitas and burgers were on the menu and they provided a crucial base for the night. Hook-and-ring competitions were in full-force and we even snuck in some rounds of moose on the ping pong table {moose was to be our ultimate downfall, thank you Rob}. The night ended less-spectatcularly than the day started, but everyone was just probably tired...

It truly was a great weekend {again} at TBarM. We're counting down the days until next year.

Also, sorry that CharMar wasn't mentioned once in this post. She'll be back soon, promise.