Friday, July 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesomeness

Awkward and awesome Sunday!

Okay so we read this great blog {in Layne's eyes} and they do "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" posts. So we decided we might copy them. We probably wont do it every Thursday {or in this case, even on Thursday}. But here it goes.

-Layne was at the mall last month with her mom and nephew Sonny when she wanted to prove how she's an awesome aunt so she took Sonny on the merry-go-round. BUT the lady at the register asked Layne "Are you 16 years old?". Layne was more shocked than the electric slide and thought : Why yes I am 16, and actually older. Thank you. But her mom blurted out "SHE'S 24!" The lady then turned bright red and started fabricating some story about how her daughter is 30 but looks 12. Yah, yah, yah. Stop trying to dig yourself outta that hole. You're too deep already. PS - I'm 23, thanks Mom.

-How our dog takes over the entire king bed. In the middle of the night we will find ourselves pushed together on 1/16 of the bed. And we don't move her. She's spoiled.

-When our dog was young, she had these horrible farts. So horrible you couldn't breathe and when you did your nose stung so bad. Well she stopped. Thank goodness. But don't be too happy for us. Because They. Are. Back. She just calmly walks near us and lets em out.

-Another weird note about our dog. She now wheezes like Fatty McGee after she runs for 5 mins in this heat.

-How hot it is in Tulsa. Walking to the car we start a full blown sweat. Showers happen about 2x a day. Layne thought Kyle spilt water on him at lunch. But no. That was the sweat seeping through his shirt.

-Our cat has hairballs. And throws up/dry heaves. All the dang time. Kyle stepped in it one morning. Grodie!

-Layne went and crashed/spyed/partied at Hugh's bachelor party last night. I mean come on. Layne is friends with all the boys too and they all live outta town so she just wanted to see her friends. But she was the only girl. With about 25 guys. She kept them all in line. And alive. But she was all alone.

-How our cat can beat our dog in any fight. And she is claw-less. Once that dog gets too hyper and too close, just one swat to the head will get that dog away.

-A couple weeks ago Kyle's grandma came over to get something. She pulls up in her pimped-out gold 4runner. With a baseball cap on. Backwards. With Christian music blarring. She's 71 years old. And yes, she's awesome.

-Since we have started this Centennial Club at McNellies, we have gone numerous times. In one week. But before we started, we hadn't been there in months.

-Kyle surprised Layne with an awesome purse! It rocks.

-Layne got Kyle a new Odyssey putter. Perfect gift. That gift just automatically took off who-knows-how-many strokes.

-Layne has the hot foot at soccer practice - she scored four goals last time!

-First indoor coed soccer game was tonight and we won! Layne had a 2 pointer. First goal for her and for the season! We dominated. 13-2.

-Hugh's bachelor party. Golf. Drinking. Party bus. Drinking. Bars.

Enough for tonight! We are exhausted from soccer. So we are outta here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lion King

Okay, so we lied. We didn't dress up for the Harry Potter Premier. I mean I guess you can say we did dress up and we went as muggles. So there. We just didn't dress up like the five main characters like everyone else. But we'll catch up on the HP hype later.

The start of the week was good, but it was long knowing what Thursday on had in store. Wednesday we went to $3 burger night, at none-other than good 'ol McNellies. We met up with the usual duo Bradford and Robert, plus Watling, Craig and Andre. Finally after a little while Mrs. Sarah DeFreitas met up with us {Mr. DeFreitas was out at work, bummer dude}. We got another cool 3 different beers checked off our centennial lists. We then moved to the great room of McNeez' and played shuffle board. K&B vs L&R in couple of matches. L&R won one. More shuffleboard games followed, but none were nearly as dramatic as the first landmark match.

After a little while, we started to head home but instead were coerced by the Villian to go to White Owl. We met up with some other TU people {Emily, Tanee and the birthday girl Carolyn}. We played some pool and L&K dommed S&B with L hitting some pretty sharky shots. At about midnight we finally decided to head on home. Good thing, because Thursday morning {and day} was an early and exciting one.

Our nephew, and godson, Leo Arthur Dullea was born {which we will now call Simba} {8 lbs 4 oz, 21 in at 9:46}! Kyle took off work due to this huge event. We, however, couldn't hold him until after lunch. So we waited quietly and patiently. But ohemgeeee is he the cutest--we fell in love right then and there. I mean we were always in love with him, but once you hold him it's different. I can only imagine when we have our own child.

Big Bro Sonny lovin on Leo.

Awesome neck roll.

Sonny and cousin Will playing.

Love that face.

Will giving his new cousin a kiss.

That day was quickly diverted to another huge event.

At about 2 in the afternoon, we went to stake out our place for the Harry Potter 7.2 Premier. We just sat, read, watched HP7.1, people watched {which, was by far the best part}. Finally Rob and Marilee {L's mom!} came to wait as well. Now that we were all there and accounted for, we could play Nertz, the best card game and a HP waiting ritual. But we will say it's better when you have a table. K&R have too long of legs to sit on the floor and play. They need to spread out, lay down, do whatever to get comfy. Also, the movie was in 3D. We usually do not like 3D movies, but, in this case, it was awesome.

Yah, we're that cool.

From the beginning, we could tell there were going to be some die-hard HP fans, but there were some that just absolutely blew our minds. There was this one chick {who by the way slept there the night before to make sure she was first...}. She was loud, she thought she was funny and that everyone there was her bff. Yes to being loud, no to being everyone's bff. She made this HP sign and hung it up on the wall and every hour she would change the number on it counting down how many hours left until it started. Everytime she did this, she also decided it would be nice to scream and let everyone know she had done it {ALL YOU HP FANS OUT THERE, WE'VE GOT 5 HOURS LEFT!!!..... which, duh, if we are here, esp this early, we are HP fans and we obviously know how much time is left}. It got even worse when it was under 1 hour left. She did it with 45 mins left, 30 mins left, 15 mins left. And you don't even want to know about the last 5 mins, sheesh. We were able to at least go sit in the theater and in the seats with 3 hours left {thank goodness, because L&K's butts were numb from sitting on the floor}. But man oh man, at 12:02 it was the best thing ever. The best HP movie by far and one of the best movies ever. L cried. How could you not?!?!?!?!?! Not just because it was the last HP movie {yes, that might have had something to do with it} but also some of the scenes were just down right sad.

Friday morning was early. K went to work and L cleaned the house. At noon K came home and we relaxed pretty much for the rest of the day. We did go see Mr. Leo, started a DIY project and played with Char.

Saturday was similar. Went and ran {already so hot by 8:30}, worked more on the DIY project {it's so hot outside we do little bits of peices every day} and back to the hospital to see Leo again. After that we went to the mall and shopped around. For dinner we went to Sr. Tequila's. So yummy. Then came home, went on a 2 mile walk with the Charizard and came home to watch a movie. The Adjustment Beaureu. It was good.

Sunday was another lazy day. Went to Callan & Kelly's house to see Leo {finally home!} and Leo's big brother Sonny. Can we just say right now, we have never seen Sonny so cute {he's always cute, but his 'tude was so cute}. He was the most talk-a-tive little boy {can't understand him quite yet}. We asked him to show his Uncle Kyle his new big boy bed and he ran and fell on it. So. Cute. Then him and uncle K played in his room for a little. L got to hold Leo for a little, then had to give him up to K. After that we did the Sunday ritual: grocery shopping.

Sunday night was awesome. L went to NKOTBSB with her mom and cousin. Girls night. First went to dinner at Andolini's. The pizza was wonderful. The opener for the concert was Matt Morrison. Yeah, we didn't know him either. Until he got on stage. Mr. Schuester from Glee. Yes. Glee.

Back to the main point of the night. BackStreetBoys. L has loved BSB since the 5th grade {shout out to AJ!}. It was such a fun concert. L's dad's company has a suite and it was awesome. Butttttttt since we were in a suite we were not able to be down on the floor where BSB kept going out into the crowd pulling girls up on stage to sing to them. L wanted up there so bad. Esp with AJ. AJ was considered the "bad boy" of the band and L found out last night her mom was always so nervous because AJ was her favorite. All tatted up. But oh, come on, he's soooooo cute and good at singing. L never was a Nick fan. He was the heartthrob of the group and L wasn't a follower.


Donnie Walhberg.
L was never a NKOTB fan so she never knew it was Marky Marks brother.


In the classic white Millennium suits.

Tonight we are going to McNell's for Pint night. Every Monday they have a specific beer when you order it you also get to keep the beer glass. Yes. We have stocked up and made a pretty good collection. We'll let you know how it goes.

Catch ya laters, alligators.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the villain...

What it is.

Friday was the entry to the great weekend. When Kyle got home from work around 12, we went and ran {goodness, it's going to take a while to get use to this heat}, ate a quick yummy lunch {L - crunch pb and strawberry jelly, K - reheated awesome homemade chicken enchiladas} then we took the good ol' Charizard to the puppy park. She is the happiest dog when she gets to go roam, though lately when we have gone, it turns out that Char is pretty much the only dog there {prob due to the heat and that no one in their right mind would be outside running around} and she just gets all the frisbees, balls and other toys to herself. Though the only thing she cares about is a frisbee. We are nervous in part to have kids because of the fact that Char loves frisbees so intensely. For us, there is no more leisurely throws of the disc. Char always goes all psycho-frisbee-obsessed dog and ruins our games by stealing the friz. No matter how you slice it, she will somehow, someway get it from you. Now, she goes nuts-o even if she just hears the word "frisbee", "friz" or "should we go throw the...." Our kids will just have to cope with the fact that every ball or frisbee belongs to Charlie, and not them. no fun. But in the end, she is the best frisbee-catchin'-dog out there.

Friday night we made a yummy homemade pizza {tomatoes, grilled onions, home-grown basil and mozzarella} and had some great wine. Then we headed up to McNell's to meet up with the DeFrito's {that's how it is in K's phone, because at first he didn't know how to spell DeFreitas}, Robert, Bradford and Craig. We went and checked off three more brewskis off the Centennial Club list.

Aside: we have started working toward membership in the "Centennial Club" at McNeezie's to get a "free" mug that you get to personalize and keep up there. To earn this prize you have to drink 300 different beers, but you get the respect of the peeps in the house. Problem: McNelz allegedly only keeps 250 beers on hand at any given time, so this could take awhile. And you can only knock off 3 per day {should definitely be at least 5} So obviously it might take a year... or twoish. So far L&K have knocked off 6 {due to the fact the day we started we only had time for 1 beer}, R&B have 7, Saric have 3 and Craig has 3. So really it could take us a while. And cost a bunch for a free mug. As for personalization, we think that once we all finish, we will all put our names in a hat, and draw another's name. Whomever you get is who you get to make the name on the mug for. Funny, mean, serious, immature. Whatever you want.

Then we started playin' shuffle board. Kyle & Sarah vs. Eric & Layne. K&S won, natch, but only by 3, so L&E demand a rematch! Thennnnnnn Roberto had to leave {had to be in at work by 8am on Saturday and a ten page paper due Monday!}, as did Craig. So LKBS&E all went to Fassler Hall. That is now the birthplace of the most fun game ever started, aside from Moose: "Villain." This game is so much fun that we are going to patent it and make some moniez. If you are fun enough, next time we hang out, we will show you. Maybe.

We went home and made a tent in the living room thinking we were going to stay up and start watching HP5. But no matter how sad it is, we couldn't stay up. Just too tired. So, we decided to do HP5 Saturday night, HP6 Monday, and HP7.1 Tuesday.. to get ready for HP7.2 Thursday! BTW L,K&R are dressing up. We are going as the Durley's. Here's a pic to imagine how we will look in our awesome tacky-ness:

Petunia-Layne, Dudley-Rob & Vernon-Kyle.
There will be a photo of us in our costume for proof.

Sarurday was relaxing and awesome. We woke up had some breakfast {which, yes, nutella was present for L}, did some housework {cleaned, K picked up dog poo, L watered the plants} and played with Char to tire her out. For lunch we went to ITR. Yum. We then walked to Shade's to get some yummy-ness {K-iced coffee and L-grasshopper} and went into Mecca to look around. We found some sa-weet coffee mugs and got a couple. Or four. Then we were off to house-browse. This kinda thing only makes it that much harder for us becuase we find awesome houses for sale, that we cannot even think about for 2.5 years until we move back to Tulsa. So we are just dreaming now. Off to utica where of course we stopped in Anthro for L and other places to find K some suede penny loafers. No luck for him, but luck for Layne. Tulsa just has a horrible selection for men's footwear. Good thing we are moving to Houston in 6 months.

We came home to find that Char has a lotttt of energy, so what do we do? Go to the dog park! Best thing ever. She is absolutely exhausted in 5 mins. We get there and, yes, we throw that dang frisbee because that's all she wants.

So tired, she weezes.

For dinner we went to Panera to get some grub and relaxed the rest of the night watching HP5 while grubbin' on the go-to movie food, kettle corn. Sweet and salty goodness.

Sunday we woke up and went to a great Sunday service at Asbury. Afterwards stopped by the craft store with the whole fam-damily to get some fabric for L and Kelly to recover chairs and to make some other goodies. Next, straight to McNell's to get some lunch. L&K&Joe went out on a limb and tried their breakfast. K&J got a breakfast burrito topped with the amazing McNell's queso. It was the way to go. L got an omelet. Good omelet, but the burrito was better. Everyone else went with the regular choices {hamburger, turkey club}. We also got L's mom, dad and bro started in on the Centennial Club.

We were so-super-stuffed that when we went home, L napped and K watched some weird movie {Alien vs Predator}. After relaxin', we went to Lowe's and got some things to hopefully knock another item off our DIY list. We are making a bean bag toss game. One side will be for the Arsenal fans and the other for the great OSU fans. We'll put up pics when we finish.

Now, Kyle is on his way to go play par 3 with his pop/bro-in-laws. We'll update on how he does, later.

Catch you all on the flippy-flap & see you at HP7.2 premiere! {We chose to leave you with a great 7.2 poster of L's HP heartthrob.}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

one miami vice and one mojito, por favor

Hey all. We just got back from an awesome, romantic weekend in Mexico. Random vaycay, but was much needed and fully enjoyed.

Before we get in to all the deets, first we gotta talk about our Thursday night. Robbie Laird had a funtastic b-day dinner/get-together at McNellie's {and elsewhere, as adjudged by some Friday texting} where L&K and R&Brad decided to start working toward the centennial club at McNell's. More on that later... After McN's, we headed to Joe Momma's to celebrate Racheal's 30th b-day. Milestone, y'all!

So, back on-topic. We stayed at the all-inclusive El Dorado Royale Casitas {s'possed to be in reg. ocean view room, but cha-ching we got upgraded}. Casitas are def the way to go for this resort. It was private and secluded, perfect for a few days of relaxing on the beach. We had a lazy river and swim up bar right outside our door, not to mention a day bed on our balcony. Relajada, indeed.

We got to the resort on Friday and immediately grubbed on some free food {technically included, but we considered all of it free}. We then headed down to the beach to relax in a cabana and take in the great views. We had to feel the caribbean water and then we got into our casita pool and chatted up with some of the other vacationers. We decided early on that the weekend's drinks would be Miami Vice {L} and Mojito {K}. Of course, we ordered other rand-o drinks, but let's be real...on the beach, these are necessary drinks. Well, those and water.

Yes, please!

Our casita.

Outdoor shower. {The only shower.}

Lazy river.

Our casita pool. Swim up bar. Lazy river to our casita. Great.

Also, we decided that we should take advantage of the all-inclusivity of the resort and that we should always be full. We never were hungry, really, because we just kept eating! But strangely, we didn't really gain any weight...

Friday was a blur and we were tired from getting up so early, so din-din was ordered in. But Saturday, we woke up early, refreshed and ready to relax. Rrr. Our first stop was the awesome buffet at Cocotal, and Layne basically got a plate of Nutella with a few slices of toast. No, but really there was Nutella and she was stoked. Straight from there, we headed to the beach cabana to read and take naps. I mean, it doesn't get any better than listening to the waves while ya' sleep.

Our cabana.

Our amazing view for the weekend.

After elevensies at Kampai, an Asian restaurant, we got a couple drinks and went back to the beach. Then, lunch was served, again at Kampai. After that, we went back to the beach and read. Hmm, could get repetitive. But c'mon, so calming.

First dinner Saturday night was at the fondue restaurant, which was about on-par with Melting Pot. We checked out the near-empty swing bar after dinner and got a couple G&T's. Then, after walking along the beach at night and almost stepping on a crab, we decided it was time for second dinner. Room service, hello! Tacos, burgers, nachos, two desserts, wow that sounds fat. Oh well.

Swing bar.

Sunday was more of the same. Amazing buffets in the morning, wind-blown beaches and naps after that, then we ventured to JoJo's for lunch {L got fish and chips and K got skirt steak}. We actually went swimming in the ocean for a while and it was more enjoyable than the pool water. It felt wonderful. We hung out in the casita pool again, chatting up other casitans who hailed from the UK, New Orleans, KC and Dallas.

Sangria. Good, but we've had better {Thanks Mrs. Turpin!}

Dinner was at Kampai, which was the best meal of the trip. We heard it going in, but for some reason we still waited until the last night to try it for dinner. Coconut curry chicken and stir fry lamb were delectable. And we had sushi. Really good sushi. And dessert was fried ice cream and a huge fortune cookie. It was so good, Layne considered going back an hour later. But calm down, we didn't. We didn't get room service either. But we did get more miami vices and mojitos.

The last night, God painted us a perfect sunset.

Monday, we enjoyed one last buffet breakfast before heading back home. The post-vaycay depression was softened by seeing boatloads of fireworks from the airplane coming into Tulsa. Good thing we didn't miss it because it's Layne's fav holiday!