Monday, November 21, 2011

a couple good weekends

ok we are slackers, mc dackers.

we have two weekends that are worth talking about.

Two weekends ago our good friends Joe Kane and Emily Lutz got hitched! We had planned a month before the wedding that Taylor, Morgan, Landon, Catherine and us would go down to Kansas City Friday night to hang out in the Power and Lights district. So Friday, Taylor and Morgan came over to ride to Kansas City with us. Yes it felt like a long drive but yes it was a fun car ride. We were meeting the Massoths there because Landon had the high honor of being an usher in the wedding and they were going to the rehearsal dinner. Once we got to Kansas City we went to eat at Gordon Biersch. Great food: Pulled pork sandwich x2, "healthy" pizza and stir fry, but mostly great beer. Then we went to the Flying Saucer bar and hung out until the Massoths showed up. Then came Joey. Then Kok. Then the groom. It was an awesome night celebrating Joe's last night of single-dom. For some reason, we all had a round of Irish Car Bombs. And a round of jager bomb. It was nasty and miserable. Thank you Taylor. We'd rather take shots of mintz any day than that. But all in all the night was glorious while we felt like we were back in highschool. But older.

Layne and the to-be groom on Friday night.

Saturday we all went and got some diner food breakfast. It was so yummy. After resting and getting ready for the wedding we finally headed out to the ceremony place. It was so pretty. Quaint, cute stand alone chapel with the perfect touch of rustic decorations. The ceremony itself was great. So sweet. They wrote their own vows and they were perfect. They also wrote all the music and lyrics that were played during the ceremony, which was also the "Thank you" gift. So creative. The reception was great. Live band and great food.

Some engagement photogs inside the chapel.

Personal-pan wedding cakes.

Bow-tie by Layne Culhane designs, fyi.

They look great even when blurry.

Sunday was no funday. Woke up early to drive the 4 hours home. Once we got home, we {as in K, bc L is still hurt} got ready for our last indoor game of the season. We got 1st place! Boom baby. And then right after the soccer game, L took K to the airport to fly to H-Town for the week. It was a crazy, fun weekend.

That week L and her mom flew down to H-Town on Wednesday to finally figure out where L&K were gonna live. We went to almost every apartment complex around his work, eating all the yummy food in between. Thursday after K's class, we went to this one last apartment place to look at {by this time L was getting confused on all of them and they already pretty much knew where they were gonna live, so she thought it was pointless to go to this place.} Thank goodness they went, because that turned out the be the place they are living at! Beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with an awesome kitchen, living area, laundry room and balcony. Plus the apartment complex has a dog run on site. Not just any dog run, but an awesomely huge, nice one were Charlie will not only be able to be left off her leash, but to where she can run [ITS THAT BIG} about 60 yards. Charlie will love us even more. No all we have to do is furnish it. No rental car mix-ups during this trip to Houston, so that was a plus.

Alrighcha'll. We won't wait long before our next post. Be on the lookout.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

there goes our training

So we've been training for the route 66 half marathon because we've been hankering for another long race and the route 66 race is in T-town. Last Friday we ran a 12 miler along the creek turnpike. It was a brutal run for Kyle, but Layne killed it, as always. There's a huge hill that we normally run up to get those extra hill muscle stretched out. It's about 2.5 miles from home and Layne was the only one that had the strength to get up the hill during our 12er. Mainly because Kyle was about 10 minutes behind. He was strug like a mother truckin' bug. Regardless, K got the mileage.

Also, over the past year, we've been playing indoor soccer with Layne's fam in a coed league. It's been really fun, but people have been randomly getting hurt, here and there. Pastor Andy sprained an ankle, Rion came down with a bum knee, Kyle rolled his ankle. It can get rough out there.

Anyways, this past Sunday during our game, Layne got the worst ankle sprain that Kyle's ever seen. No joke, it was sick nasty. K immediately wanted to go get an x-ray. L could barely look at her ankle without almost throwing up. Leaving soccercity, Kyle gave Layne a piggyback ride and everyone who saw her ankle cringed. When we get to southcrest hospital, the ladies in registration take one look and declare it broken. Second opinion from another lady: oh yeah, broken. Natch, we were pretty pessimistic prior to x-rays. Fortunately for us, it is not broken. And fortunately for you, here is a montage of the episode. What a beaut.

The last picture is very embarrassing for Layne. This is her first personal encounter with cankles and she doesn't like it.

This weekend is Joe and Emmy's wedding in Kansas City. Will our heroine be able to wear heels?! Or will she be doomed to doing the dougie in a robo-boot?! Stay tuned to find out...