Saturday, January 28, 2012


We truly love them. Honestly, Layne always thought she liked pancakes more and really, a savory breakfast over a sweet one. But that has changed... for now {you can have too much sweet, but lately we've been getting just the right amount}. Since we have finally opened up our wedding gifts we have opened our waffle maker {thank you whoever got us this, again!} and we have been putting it to good use. We make waffles every Saturday & Sunday morning at least. And none of that store bought stuff, Layne makes killer homemade waffles. No joke, same recipe every time and never gets old. We're thinking about starting Waffle Wednesday. Maybe make some savory waffles for dinner? {and by savory, we don't mean a savory combo like fried chicken and waffles. we mean literally a savory waffle batter}. We'll test it out and let you all know.

On the same note of food, Layne is having a taste-test {yes only for us two, unless someone wants to drive down to Houston to help eat them} of chocolate chip cookies. She has seen way to many yummy looking recipes on Pinterest and she has to put them to test up against her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. The results will be posted on here soon. While we gain some lbs, we look forward to eating 4 different types of chocolate chip cookies. {don't you wish you were here Joe?} Villian if you're lucky there will be some left over for when you visit Tuesday.

Yesterday, once Kyle was off work, we went on a three mile walk around Memorial Park with Char. Her paw is scraped up pretty badly from too much frisbee-loving dogpark-running ball-obsession play time. So only walks for her. {She's guilt tripping us even though we are trying to make her feel better. She doesn't understand. All she knows is that we won't let her catch the frisbee, ball or go run at the park. We are horrible parents right now in her beautiful blue eyes.}. After the walk we went to our favorite little cafe, Empire, and had some amazing chai lattes, coffee and shortbread cookies, while reading in the sun with Char at our feet chewing on a bone. Perfect Friday afternoon.

Now we are about to watch Primal Fear. Heard its cool, so here goes nothing.

Almost done setting up our home. Pictures will be on here soon to show the long-distant-family/friends who care to see how we decorated.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well we're here. And by here we mean Houston. Moving was chaotic, stressful, fun, exciting and exhausting. We're still unpacking boxes, moving things around and getting organized, but we're starting to feel at home. Layne loves the have a place to decorate and to use all of our wedding gifts for the first time. Finally, after 17 months. It also doesn't hurt that we've had Harry Potter movies on basically nonstop.

A few key points about the moving process:

- 26' U-Haul (9 mpg, pretty much)
- 540 miles
-1 dog, 1 cat, 4 in-laws
-5am departure from Tulsa
-4th floor apartment (yes, with elevator)

All Layne's family helped pack up the U-haul so it took only 2 hours (unlike the unloading process). We got to Houston around 3:30 NYE and the unloading part was a beech. So many boxes. The elevator seemed only to help a little (seemed, now obviously it was a big help or it would have taken 2 days to unload).

It's only been 2 weekends here, but we feel like we've already explored so much. Charizard is loving Houston 'cause we're tiring her out every day by going to dog parks all the time, which is actually great exercise for all three of us. She was zonked at 9 last night. Rare. We've also got back to running! Layne's ankle is still sore but at least we're gettin' back out there.

We wanna make sure we get a good experience of Houston while we're down here so we resolved to detail all of our adventures on the blog. Whatever it is, you should here about.

Once the apartment is finally up and running well put a post about it. Until then, more to unpack and put away.

**Sorry this has taken a long time to update. We have been in Houston for 20 days now, we literally just got the internet. Not kidding the guy just left our apartment. We'll talk about that in another post.