Friday, August 17, 2012

that's a pig. on a leash.

This past week has been such a blessing! Tuesday was our two year anniversary and it such a great feeling knowing you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. God has blessed us with so many things and we have grown together so much in the past two years and have experienced some amazing things that will be memories forever. 

Kyle was such a sweet guy and had planned the weekend before the anniversary to take Layne on a surprise weekend getaway. Last Friday, Kyle told Layne to pack a bag for a little vacation and that we we're leaving right after lunch. Layne was surprised that he was able to surprise her {usually she finds out}. Ecstatic Layne quickly cleaned the house and packed a bag. She kinda went through Kyle's all-ready-packed bag to get an idea of things to pack. 

Before we headed out of town, we took Charlie to a new boarding place. 1 1/2 acre grass play area, other dogs to play with and many, many toys. If that wasn't enough, the owner is a professional frisbee thrower and plays with all the dogs. We knew from that point on she would love this place and never want to come back home to our tiny two bedroom apartment. 

So we started heading west, and Layne kinda was starting to figure out where. Lately we have talked about going to Ausitn and San Antonio for weekend trips. So she had an inkling that is was going to be one of those. 

She was right. AUSTIN!

Kyle was amazing at planning this trip. He had searched about all different things to see, do, eat, shop {he even book-marked two boutiques to take Layne into.... that is just amazing} and everything else. 

One of the best, most romatic things he did was book us this amazing room in the aboslute cutest hotel ever. It only has 7 rooms. The style is impecable. It's like they got into Layne's brain and designed the hotel exactly how she would design her home. The hotel sells cute little pillow covers and all the soaps they use. And not just the regular-hotel-style soaps. The awesome soaps that we now want to go buy. The room wasn't huge by any means, but come on. Who needs a big room especially when you're in a city that you want to walk around in? So it was absolutely perfect.

We had only been to Austin one other time. Summer before junior year of college. So we we're excited to get to see the city, shop and eat. Eating was pretty much all we did and it was glorious. The food trucks {or trailers} are so. freaking. good. 

So we arrived, got set up at the hotel and walked to a coffee spot to get a beer and some hummus. Such a cute place. We then had to go to South Congress to go Jo's Coffee which has the 'I love you so much' wall where it was a must to get a picture. Only thing, it's just so awkward asking a random person to get a picture of you. Can't wait to go back with family or friends so we can annoy them until we get the perfect one.

Food trucks were the way to dinner. We chose thai food--pineapple chicken fried rice, spring rolls. It was awesome. The best part of the night was Lick. An awesome ice cream place with amazing flavors. Kyle was gonna get one with bacon it it, but decided to go with Local Honey and Vanilla Bean. Layne went with the Lemon Lavender, and holy crap it was so delicous.

Saturday morning we got up for a wonderful run then went to a great breakfast spot, Magnolia Cafe. It was all friggin' delicious, as expected. Kyle had read about a farmers market so we went there and tasted some awesome limeade and some food looked great, but we were actually waaayyy too stuffed from breakfast to even try it. Drove up to a beautiful spot to see the skyline of downtown Austin, but before, we obviously needed to hit up Mozart coffee house, because it was on the list.

I think the best part of the day was when we were kinda not even hungry, but we had to go to Gourdoughs to try the donuts {or doughnuts, whatever}. Kyle got the Flying Pig with maple syrup and slices of bacon on top and Layne went a safe route and got the Heavenly Hash with marshmallows, chocolate fudge and bits of chocolate on top. Yep, they were amazing. Sugar levels spiking then crashing, so next stop was to go take a nap, natch.

For dinner, we just went to a pizza place. It was exactly what we needed. That and the pork dumplings we got afterwards at the Thai Food truck. There was the cutest little puppy that Layne was walking up to go pet, but then realized it was a pig. Yes, a pig on a leash. 

Aside: the entire weekend, we were wanting to go eat at a burger bar on soco called Hopdoddy. But. We never had the patience to wait because the line was out the door {one in, one out} and it was 100+ outside, and the line was in the sun, no shade, no breeze. F'real, this line was a joke and though we waannnnted to try it so bad, we just never could wait.

Kyle read about some irish pub, Fado, so we went there to just relax and drink some beers. We were so tired and full to do anything crazy.

Now that we are rethinking about, dang we ate a lot of food that day. But it was truly well spent.

The last morning we went to Juan in a million. And let us tell ya, that is true. The best breakfast tacos in the history of breakfast tacos.

On Tuesday, our anniversary, Kyle once again hit it out of the ball park and surprised Layne with breakfast in bed. Egg biscuits, sausage and chocolate milk. Oh yah, and also the amazing, beautiful orange, purple and white garden that was all over our room. Three huge beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers {he went and got them at 5:30am that morning!} and then two beautiful roses.

Layne was also lucky enough that Kyle took off after lunch so they could spend the day together. We went and had some awesome Korean BBQ and then went to our favorite little pub for a celebratory beer.

It was such a great and special weekend that was just the two of us with no distractions {sorry Char!}. We will keep these memories for a lifetime and we are so excited to see what the next 100+ years bring. Thanks for our family and friends for making the past two years unforgettable!