Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yesterday was National Sibling Day {found that one out by all the social media...then found out again by social media that it was a false alarm. true date is actually April 10} and it got me thinking about my two older brothers. Sorry Callan and Cameron, I didn't post some picture of us, but hey this will {hopefully} be better. And, c'mon, even though it's not the real National Sibling Day, doesn't mean we can't take time to appreciate them, right?

Having older brothers and being the only girl means a couple things while growing up:
1) They are automatically best friends and you're the 'weird' one
2) You have that tomboy stage. Granted, mine went a little too far with me wearing their football jerseys to school and jncos {ahh! yes those horrible pants}. I then steered into regular middle school girl stage. Awkward, braces and just plain awkward. I can only imagine what my parents thought, probably praying that they would never have to buy jncos again {and now that I think of it, I think it was my brothers jncos that I wore....}
3) Every time we went on vacation I either had to a) share a room with my brothers {and yes, I always got the couch} or b) stay in my parents room. If I could, I always stayed in my brothers room, even on that darn, non-comfy, horrible smelling couch.
4) I also get stuck sitting in the non-cool part of the car. They always got the third row seat when we were young, but now, they never want to even think about sitting back there, so even to this day, I get stuck crawling over the weird middle seat when we all cram in a car. Luckily I now have sisters-in-law to share it with.

Also, what do you get with two older boys and a solo young girl?! All the regular everyday torturous things happened to me when we were younger. Some include: my brothers bullying me or ganging up on me, chasing me around, not letting me play their video games, ripping my barbie heads off {even though they actually played barbies with me on numerous occasions..}, making fun of me when I sang and danced to BSB or Hanson and many others. 

But I've got a couple special highlights.

When I was about three years old, my mom was out {I'll guess shopping} while my dad 'babysat' us. While my dad was out mowing the yard, my 4-1/2 year old brother Cameron, who loved me so much, decided he did not like my pigtails. So he cut one off. Yep. Now I was the solo young girl with a solo pigtail. I guess he tried to do it at the scalp, but my hair was too thick so kept moving down until he could finally chop it off in one nice swoop. When my mom came home she thought my pigtails were lopsided, so she kept doing her thing. Until she saw my bright blonde hair all over the floor. Obviously this was a bad 'babysitiing' job by my dad and a horrible brother action towards me. A 4-1/2 year old with scissors next to a 3 year old's face?! Cameron says I was all for it... but it's because I had no clue what was going on. I still have yet to get him back -- still waiting for a great night to shave one of his eyebrows off.

One more. For my fifth birthday, my parents took me to get my ears pierced, and I was ridiculously nervous. Would it hurt, will they miss, yada yada {exactly what any other 5 yo thinks while going through this}, but everyone is there to calm me down. They're all telling me how quick, painless it is, even Callan being a model oldest brother and helping me play it cool. But then Cameron chimes in with this gem: "Don't worry, it'll probably feel just like a stapler." Wow. Yeah, thanks Cam, you really are helping. Buttt afterwards, to their credit, they both said I looked like a princess, so ha. 

So everyone, it looks like Callan is the nice brother. I don't remember any horrible incidents he did to me, but then again I may have blocked them out. 

But seriously, now that we are adults it is so nice to have older brothers and honestly, I've got two of the coolest, best brothes a girl could ask for or want. We actually get along and like hanging out with each other. When we are all together, which is seldom, it is such a fun, packed time, that once it is over I miss 'em. Callan is now a dad to two of the cutest boys in the world. He's such a great father to them and it's so nice to see my brother all grown up with his own kids. His heart is just filled love for them, I love to see that beautiful side of boys. Oh yah, and I can't wait until they get caught playing with barbies.... Cameron has no kids yet, but once he does, I know he'll be a great dad too. Can't wait for those dark eyed babies to enter this world, just as long as they don't start training to become barbers all the time.

They also blessed me with super cool sisters-in-law... so thanks Cal and Cam.

Transish to Kyle.

So y'all probably already know of my brother Brendon. I say probably because he makes quite the impression on you. He has been doing improv since he was, like, 7. It's just part of who he is for sure. And judging by L's crazy stories about her bros, I oughta relay a story that few others know as well. 

What's funny now that I think about it, I've got two hilarious stories but they both involve me hurting Brendon, ha. I'm sure he got retribution for these events but I must have erased them from my memory also. Block the pain.

First story: back in the house we grew up in, the second story in the back of the home was a sheer drop toward the first -- there was no roof to break up the house, just a straight up two-story wall. Well, I happen to be up in the "corner room" and lo-and-behold, Brenbo comes walkin' out of the back door. I'm being a nosy little bro and watching to see what he's doing, in case it's something mischievous and I can tell on him. Next thing I know, my fat head pushes the screen out of the window frame as I'm peering down on him. It must've made a funny noise because right at the same moment, Brendon looks up to see what on earth was careening toward his face. 

I mean, bullseye. Perfect shot. Corner of the screen goes right into his eyeball. Think part of his vision impairment may have stemmed from this incident. Yowza.

Last story: Same house, another doozy, more setup. Kitchen was situated in the corner of the house and right as you walk in to the kitchen along the back of the house, you can immediately turn right to go the laundry room, which went on to the master bath. The wall that was shared by the kitchen and the laundry room had the fridge on it. One night, during some of our typical hijinks, Brendon is all running around, going hyperactive and whatnot, and he comes running into the kitchen from the master bath. Well, right at that moment, I swing open the freezer door {the fridge was the split horizontal, so the freezer was up top and the fridge down below. old school, righteous.} and plants a imprint right across his face. For added visual, think Home Alone when Marv gets face smashed by the iron. Same type deal.

But, despite my obvious best efforts, Brendon remains. Can't ask for a better old brother for sure. He's always been there to support me and Layne, and he and Amy are always so fun to be around and hang out with. It stinks they live so far away and we get to see them mainly on holidays, but such is mango. 

{sorry for the partially sap post}

So, happy fake national sibling day.