Saturday, February 16, 2013

things are changin' round here

Well we obviously cannot multitask. Moving cities, starting a new job, buying a home, redoing parts of the home, having a baby and just getting back to a normal lifestyle, writing a blogpost just wasn't at the top of our mind. So sorry that we haven't updated in quite some time.

Yes, you read that correctly. We have moved back to Tulsa! We got the great opportunity for Kyle to take a new job and are so excited and extremely blessed with this opportunity that came around. And it came at such a perfect time. So, at the beginning of this year we packed up our 2 bedroom apartment in Houston to move back to Tulsa. We already miss some things about Houston and we know we will always miss them, but we are so excited for this new beginning to be back in Tulsa with family and friends, especially with the babe on the way. While finding the perfect home we are staying at Layne's parents. Super thankful for them for putting up with us and all our crap that we unloaded in the game room and garage. 

Before moving back to Tulsa, everytime we came back for a weekend or so we looked at homes. Finally after seeing every home in Tulsa for sale, we finally found the one. We just closed and are now in the process of renovating some of the home. We are mostly sticking to the downstairs for now with the kitchen, dining and living before we move in. But we are also painting the important rooms upstairs... the master and the nursery! Better to just get it over with before living in the mess. We are so excited for it to be finished and to finally have a home to ourselves. This will be the first home of our own since being married. Or ever actually. First home to decorate and have all of our stuff in one place. Ever since we have been married some stuff was at Layne's parents, some at Kyle's parents, now some in storage. So once we move in it'll be amazing to see what we actually have. Get ready, I'm guessing an amzing garage sale will be happening soon after we move in.

We'll be doing before-and-after deets of all the renovations that we are in the process of on our blog when they finish for all of you who care. We are only half way through the renovations and it already is such an amazing change. We can already see us in it and really picture our family just on regular nights. If you want to see it in person, just hop on over, but don't be offended if while you are here you get asked to pick up a paint brush or unpack a couple boxes....

Out of all this crazy and exciting news, the greatest news of all is that we are going to become parents in June!

And not just parents. Parents to a baby boy!

We are beyond excited, nervous, happy, but most importantly extremely blessed. We've always wanted to be young parents and it finally was the right time for us. We cannot wait to meet our little man and to see how he looks. Red hair? Blonde hair? Bald? Chubby cheeks? Chunky thighs? Seriously. But having to wait for another 16 weeks to hold him for the first time is gonna seem soooooo looongggg. We want him now. We are a little over 24 weeks today, which is crazy. It's gone by fast... and slow. More than halfway there and we still have so much to do to prepare for him. 

Now we hope you understand a little more why we haven't really found the time to blog. BUT we'll be updating more and more now that we've got some really exciting things to share with the babe and new home.