Friday, April 26, 2013

6 more weeks..

...and us folks will be the happiest people on the earth because our little boy will be here!

This past weekend we really got to see God's love. We've been seeing it a lot these days with getting pregnant, moving back to Tulsa, Kyle getting a new job and us buying and fixing up our first home, but this past weekend we really felt His love again.

We had our baby shower.

Just seeing everyone who came out for it {or tried! sorry if you got lost... stupid google maps..} or those from out of town who couldn't make it, but wanted too, really opened our eyes at how blessed we are. Blessed for great family and friends.

There was only one small glitch that happened and was due to my parents new home: it isn't exactly on google maps yet. We didn't know that {or think about it} until the day of the shower. So maybe not a small glitch. It was fine for anybody who had been to my parent's before this shower, but lets just say about 75% had not. So cell phones were ringing off the hooks with poeple being taken to a completely different neighborhood, still trying to figure out where to go. Google maps had them park at the other end of the golf course and told them to get out and walk.... ha. Luckily, about an hour before the party began, two of the hostesses called Layne not knowing where to go, so she had an inkling it was going to be hard to get too. So they rushed to get balloons to set out at the entrance of the neighborhood and all around the route to get to the house. We are telling ourselves it helped out for some people. So lesson learned: don't throw a party at a brand new home without a map telling people how to get there. Sorry if you were one of them who got taken on the fun detour.

Baby showers are special because you're celebrating your baby before he/she gets here. The entire 10 months of pregnancy you have this anticipation for the arrival of your baby. What is he going to look like? Are we going to be good parents?! How is his nursery gonna be set up?? And so much more... so the shower is a little part where you can just relax talking about all the exciting things happening within the next couple weeks without worrying about what hasn't been done yet for the nursery. You get to see and talk with people with whom you might not get to see too often.

The gifts are wonderful and all, but it's seeing the people in your life come to celebrate, support and love this baby of ours before he's even here that matter.

The party was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect food and drinks, perfect decorations and perfect hosts and guests. We were thrown this shower by Layne's cousins Haley, Casey, Hannah & Racheal, Layne's sisters-in-laws Kelly and Nicole and two of Layne's closest friends Leigh and Katy. They all made this special day totally perfect. It was also at a great location: Marilee and Joe's new home. Now this home is awesome for so many reasons, but being able to sit on the patio {thanks to the amazing weather!} with a view of the golf course was just breathtaking.

the hostess' of the shower {minus hannah}

with mamy

with bunni

some of the cute decor Nicole made

The food was also great. Strawberry-nutella poptarts (whaaaa???!!!), coffee cupcakes, powered donuts, sausage rolls, fruit, hummus and so much more. Yep. This little pregnant girl's heart {and tummy} were happy. The thing is, if it's a shower thrown for you, you don't get to really eat. But don't worry, once it was over Layne made herself a nice big plate of everything.

We were blessed with so many gifts and friends coming into town for this shower. It took off a lot of stress and worry getting some of the things we got because now if he decides to come early we will be ready with the essentials. Haley also made Harvey bow ties. I mean come on. Bow ties are already a must have in Kyles' wardrobe, and now it'll be one in Harvey's. He will be the cutest little guy out there wearing these.. watch out girls! Another fun gift we got was the front yard swing. While we were living in Houston, the neighborhood we always walked and ran in had a lot of little kids and every home had a front yard swing. The parents would be sitting in their front yard lawn chairs, while the kids swung in the swing or played in the yard and we just absolutely loved the togetherness and closeness of the neighbors. So we are hoping to bring that to our new neighborhood, so we were stoked to get the swing. Harvey will love it.

my reaction when I saw the cute bow ties Haley made Harvard

 he'll be so stylish like his dad

 our front yard swing that we're so excited for

 some of the many blessings!

Thank you for showering Harvey and us with love!

If you weren't able to come, we missed you greatly! Also, let us know when you think Harvard will make his arrival and what his weight and height will be. His due date is June 5th, but it's pretty much split even on poeple thinking he'll be early and poeple thinking he'll be late. Some say he'll be here May 24th and then again, some say he's waiting it out until June 10th.

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