Friday, April 19, 2013

Here she is!

And by she, we mean the house, not the big pregnant lady.

Well we are finally writing a post that will have some actual updates and pictures of our home. The pictures aren't of the nursery like we promised in the previous post {it's not completely finished yet!}, but of one of the most important rooms in the home: the kitchen. We've been in our home for about 4 weeks and our kitchen is finally finished. Well... all the main, big stuff. There might be some small things that will be on our list for a long time, but you won't notice those in the pictures so who cares!

Going through this process, being pregnant has had some advantages and disadvantages. Layne couldn't help. That right there, boom, advantage and disadvantage. She enjoyed not being able to go to the house and have to work on it because there was so much to do, but on the other hand, she loves home remodeling. And she's a control freak when it comes to money and her home. Wanting to make sure it is exactly what she wants, but not being able to go into the home to look at how the process was, was hard for her, to say the least.  Kyle had to take pictures on his phone and bring it out to her during some of the renovations due to the smell. Luckily for everyone involved [most importantly, Kyle], in the end, it turned out great. 

We also had a lot of help with some renovations from family, so if you helped at all in this process, thank you so much!! We truly appreciate all the help we received. If you didn't help in the process, don't worry there is still plenty to do, so come on by.

So now to the juicy goods. Here are some before and after photos of the kitchen and den. Now, just a heads up, the before pictures are HIDEOUS [ex: light box over the island. I mean, is this real life?] Whenever we go back and look at the before pictures, we think to ourselves "how did we ever see 'us' in this home with the way it looked before?!". Good thing we are both good at looking past some {more like a lot} things and looking at the space instead, knowing we can change it to our style. We love how our kitchen turned out. It took awhile, and of course there were a couple of hiccups, but hey, we finally got our 'dream' kitchen. 


kitchen before:


kitchen after:

den before:

den after:

 We obviously aren't completely finished in the den. We need to get a coffee table, some end tables, lamps, hang up pictures, the works. But with the baby coming, who knows when we will actually get to it. Let us know what you think about the fireplace... should we paint it white or keep it? We are debating over here and need some input.

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  1. Beautiful, guys!! The kitchen looks amazing. Love the marble (?) counter tops. I would paint the fireplace white, but to put in perspective, all our walls are white. Seriously, though, I do think it would look better white. The bricks don't seem to add much to that wall and it kind of chops up the visual there.
    Hope to see you guys in Houston soon and can't wait for the baby!!