Thursday, May 30, 2013

It took a lot of sweat and a lot of beer.

So on Sunday, we finally finished a project. This is something that we've been wanting to do for a long, long time. But the funny thing is, even though it was something we'd been wanting to do like crazy, we had been dreading starting this project because we knew it was gonna take a lot of time and a whole lot of effort.

Our front and back garden. A haven for bird's nests, snakes, spiders, multiple types of ivy, slugs, dead trees. Just a gross, overgrown area of ugliness. Early on, we knew we would have to tackle this beast of a lawn this spring/early summer, but since Layne is preggo and obviously was unfit for the heavy labor that would be involved with this deal, the idea of a tag team effort quickly turned into a party of one. You kinda gotta see the overwhelming garden to know exactly what Kyle was about to be thrust into, so take a look below {even though it's just a portion of the garden, you get the idea}.

Just try to realize how much ivy that actually is.

This kind of oppressive ivy coverage was all over three sides of the house. For real. It was some nasty stuff. Choking the life out of the brick and bringing in multiple types of ants and critters. For a while, we thought the ivy was charming, and for a while, it was. But then, as we got deeper into spring, the ivy got thicker and thicker and we started thinking that it could be a problem.

So we started ripping. And it was crazy difficult.

Don't mind the outfit, y'all. Especially because you'll see it often because that's Kyle's work outfit.

Below is the finished product of this same bed.

Wow. Well lookie there. So kind of a summary: we ripped up all the ground and wall ivy, took out dead and unwanted shrubs and plants, cleared unwanted dead roots from all over the place, raked out every bed, trimmed back remaining plants (transforming the egg tree into a mushroom tree), took out the rubber bed edging and laid new green metal edging, got 1,500 lb of limestone rocks (btw sounds like a lot, but it was only 18 rocks, and we coulda used a lot more. actually, a ton more, literally), we transplanted about 15 monkey grass bunches, laid new mulch. 

I mean, it's a crazy transformation and a half, that's for sure. But notice there aren't even any flowers! We're trying to plan on getting some color planted this season, but with the homeboy coming in about 6 days or so, we're resigned to the fact that it probabbblllyyy won't get done. 

The next photos pretty much show the same transformation but in another bed in the front of the house.

We are pretty proud of it, even though it's not much. But the fun part is that, every time we pull up to our house, we just mentally compare the curb appeal now with what it used to be and just smile.

Now, our only problem is that the backyard is only about 15% done! We're okay with it for now, and just like the flowers, we're thinking we'll get to it next year at the earliest. You've been warned if you come over, so no judging us based on it now. Judge us on the front, please.

Big shout out to Jerry and Melissa for helping rip up ivy, dead plants, and just general demo to the backyard. Another big shout out to Joe and Cam for helping plan the layout of the beds, laying some of the metal edging, and Cam mowing the front yard. Still owe you guys a beer. But you only get it if you help next year with the backyard.

So, guess who hasn't even been mentioned in this blog yet. This chick.

If you can't see it, that's a soccer ball. And, she's about 2 feet off the ground. Ballin'.