Tuesday, June 4, 2013

40 weeks... what?!?!?!

**We wrote this post before Layne went into labor. Obviously. **

So we are finally finished with homeboy's nursery. Thank goodness with less than a week away from his due date. Really, we've been ready for awhile for him to arrive with the essentials, but now actually everything is hung up and put away.

First off, did you read that correctly up there? If not, lets just state it again: Less than a week away from his due date. Holy cow. I mean every way I say it it is still sounds crazy: In less than a week we will be parents. In less than a week we will be holding our baby boy. In less than a week our lives change completely (for the better). In less than a week Layne wont be pregnant anymore.In less than a week we'll have a tiny baby human being rely on us for everything (exciting and nerve-racking!). In less than a week our little bundle of joy will be the center of our lives and we couldn't be more excited about it.

But come on. These past 40 weeks went by so fast and so slow all at the same time. We remember when we found out we were pregnant like it was yesterday. But then it took years to get to the 12 week mark. And then getting to 15 weeks to find out if the babe was a boy or girl? Another year. Then it flew by and now here we are 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

Funny part, Layne was always nervous her belly was never going to get big so people would know she was pregnant. Randomly thorughout her preganncy she would say things like "I don't even have a belly really!" or "Can you even tell I'm pregnant?!" She was afraid she was never going to get that cute, big pregnant belly. But never fear, it came. Her little bump that was there for what seemed forever, overnight turned into a soccer ball.

Layne's mom always told her that if she could choose to go back to one time in her life she would go back to being 8 months pregnant because she loved it. And Layne was always like "She's crazy". But now she understands. Layne loved being pregnant. She had a pretty decent preganncy, thank God. Never got sick and rarely felt nausous. Tiredness was the only thing that over took her. But being able to feel the baby move inside you, she absolutely loved. So there is a little part of her that is sad for this chapter to end.

Don't take that the wrong way. She is more excited to finally see and hold her baby boy in her arms and love on him. And so excited that it is coming within the week. But she just loved being pregnant and feeling him move and kick inside her that she will miss it.

Okay so back to the main point of this post. His nursery. Layne wanted a simple nursery. Not too many colors or things everywhere. She hates clutter and knows that with a baby the rest of the house will become cluttered. She also didn't want it to baby-ish. Yes, it's a baby's room, but it doesn't have to look like one 100%. So she decided on a neutral color scheme with a couple of pops of color (because she knew all the toys and stuffed animals would bring out plenty of color in his room). And no huge theme. Since his name is going to be Harvard Fox, we knew we'd be getting some Fox stuff (which we love!), but we also knew we didn't want it becoming a Fox theme. We got some of the cutest stuffed animal foxes and then Mimi, Haley and Callan all drew foxes for his nursery (not put up yet because we are still deciding where to hang them). But thats all the fox stuff she wanted. No fox sheets, or fox wallpaper.

Kyle was amazing at figuring out and doing all the tidious things Layne wanted him to do. And he did it without complainging!

We first had this idea to put up wallpaper just on one wall for an accent wall. Layne scowered the internet for the perfect wallpaper and finally found it! Light grey background with darker grey car outlines. Simple, boyish, but still enough texture for a fun wall. It finally comes in the mail and..... its a purple-grey. Purple-grey?! Really for a boys wallpaper? There are so many shades of grey that would have worked better. Blue-grey, green-grey, grey-grey. Anything, but purple-grey. Hesitant to use it, we finally decided to put it up just to see if it didn't look purple on the walls. Fail. It looked even more purple. It just wasn't the color we were wanting, so we took it down and just painted it the same grey as the rest of the walls.

Second idea worked out much better. Layne still wanted an accent wall. So Kyle built her a wood panel wall with a gallery shelf. Kyle measured all the wood panels, roughed up the wood, put it on the wall and then grey and white washed them. It is perfect. And the gallery shelf... love it.

Everything else just kind of fell into place. She fell in love with the rocker way before she was even pregnant. So she got it her 2 year anniversary gift becuase she didn't want it getting discontinued. It took her forever to figure out what crib, but knew she wanted natural wood finish. So she found the Sparrow crib and quickly got it before she changed her mind (thanks Bunni and Buddy!)

Here's Harvey's room! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We know he won't be using his bathroom for a while, but it is too cute to not put on here. We can't wait (but yes we can) until he is old enough to play with the rubber duckies. And just look at that cute little robe!

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